Early test of a space combat game where each team of players will control a large spaceship to compete against each other.

Windows Standalone is recommended over the WEB demo.

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May19 changes:

Added 0g controller/mechanics

Reworked the entire docking system to be more modular and to allow multiple ship types, added miner ship (no mining yet)

Added some contextual in-game controls tips.

Tuned a lot of things.

TODO: explore different control methods for outside and adding more indicators/hud.

May11 changes:


-Hand manager (picking up and dropping items, detecting item types)

-Weapons (weapon manager, sounds, ADS mode, pressing buttons by shooting them)

-Improved jukebox (shows time, track list, shuffle button, new tracks, music now automatically jumps to the next track if the current one ends)

-Pipe Effects (shooting a pipe will start gas emission, shooting the gas will set it ablaze.)


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