1.65 Update Changelog

-Added Crossbow

-Added a bunch of misc sounds

-Reworked shotgun secondary fire

-Added contextual tips on running out of ammo and picking up new weapons

-Added some settings to main menu

-Added inventory, weapon swapping (scrollwheel only for now)

-Added breakable props and ammo spawning from them if kicked

-Added dynamic rigidbody collision sounds

-Added bullet piercing logic (currently used by crossbow)

-Added randomized main menu themes

-Added custom shaders for active objects and particles

-Added a soundtrack and synced up the start of the wave mode to work with the beat drop

-Added CIGAR

-Added slowmo effects (hold V)

-Changed kicking to work on the ground as well due to popular request, although it only gives you half the speed an air kick gives you.


GunMetal_1-65-0505_MAC.zip 51 MB
May 05, 2017
GunMetal_1-65-0505_LINUX.zip 48 MB
May 05, 2017
GunMetal_1-65-0505_WIN.zip 45 MB
May 05, 2017

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Glad to see this game is still active. Do you plan on more Levels and Enemies?