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NOTE: Play in fullscreen or download the WIN build, otherwise the game will run really badly. If the WEB build doesn't start or if your geometry is see-through, your browser doesn't support the game.

Controls: WASD - LMB(single fire) - RMB(super fire) - E(kick) - SPACE(jump) - F(pickup) - ESC(back to menu+enable mouse) - T(restart scene)

Combat prototype of fast, first-person action game, i play on adding roguelite elements in the future.

If you have performance issues with the web build, please give the windows build a try.

Twitter: @brumCGI

Follow me on tumblr: http://brummerke.tumblr.com/

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
TagsAction RPG, arena, FPS, gunmetal, pve, Roguelike, shotgun, wave


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Cool game, but need to add smth. Like roguelike-maps or hook like from Ultrakill or Enchain. More over, replenishment of ammo feels a strange mechanic. Thanks for this good game and you made super-duper models. (sorry for my eng)

i don't play this game but it looks pretty good

fun stuff. found a small bug -- if you hold both lmb and rmb (start holding lmb a tiny bit later than rmb) shotgun basically shoots one more time after a doubleshot

Game was nice, and on a bonus, I became a master of vase jumping, and the Force-A-Nature.

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I like everything except kicking enemies for ammo that's stupid I feel it would make a lot more sense if enemies just randomly dropped ammo


I think you mean: "It makes sense realistically to kick enemies for ammo, but it's not very convenient to do so. I'd rather have enemies randomly drop ammo on death."


Great game! The only thing I think you should add is a setting in which you can disable the initial cutscene because, when I'm playing the Parkour Mode and I die, it's frustrating to have to wait for the cutscene to end. I'd love a story mode too. Other than that, it's all really good!

Damn I knew this game was crisp for a reason. Loved breakmetal.

fun are there still updates coming

Thanks for the interest! I'm working on another game for now, "Breakweapons".  Give it a try if you like gunmetal! (make sure to download the standalone, the web version runs badly)

The asset workload of making 3d enemies, sounds, code, etc. all alone proved to be too much for a solo developer  


how'd you make this game what software and was it easy?


Slowly, unity, no


Amazing game, but maybe a copyright warning before hand? Music used: The Poison (Reprise)- Dance with the Dead. Warning for YouTubers, this will cause an automatic copyright warning. 

Thanks, and yeah.  Someone pointed it out before, i'll make sure to include the music selection in the intro.

As for copyright claims -  you can turn the music off in the options, although i don't mind people not making videos of the game yet, as it's very early in development.

Oh it's fine, I enjoy it. I'm not currently monetized anyway, but for those that are would need this warning. Love the game though!


Incredible game! Very challenging at first, then I kept discovering things that made it fun and only added to the challenge at higher waves.

Unlimited slow motion does seem a little powerful. Is it intended to remain unlimited or is that just the case for the demo?

Thanks!  Slow motion is more for testhing purposes, i'm not sure if it'll be an actual mechanic in the game.

I mean obviously, the game is in it's very early stages, i don't plan on it staying wave-based like this, so make sure you don't burn yourself out on it!

The slow motion is cool, I think you could keep it. It would just need to be earned. Maybe the character pulls out a fresh cigar and lights up to represent the duration of the ability.

It's pretty cool, sorta like the "bullet time" that you see in other games

And with me being overwhelmed by the wave mode, i think it makes for an interesting style of play.


Hello. I have thought maybe there should be level progression and different type of weapons. Maybe there should be some modern weapons (Handgun, Assult Rifle), and some hell-like weapons (Skull-Launcher, Lava Lazer).  You can implement whatever you want, but these are just some opinions I wanted to share with you, thanks.


Thanks for the input.

All of the stuff you are mentioning are indeed planned! More monsters, more gun variety.

I'm trying to stick to fantasy (obtained from the enemy faction) and WW1/Pre-WW1 type weapons (Think cthulhu mythos).

We'll see how all of this is going to pan out, i'm trying to build a strong foundation to the game right now, before handling stuff like expansive levels and other weapons.

Sounds Sick, Can't wait for future updates


It's the funniest game I've play so far!!! I know it's only a lil' prototype, but you've got so much potencial ;) Just one question, can you credit the music used for this game?


Will work on adding more weapons and monsters soon!

Sorry for no credit, music is by Dance with the Dead, i'll make sure to give in-game credit in future demos.

tanks you very much^^

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The concept is fun so far. The main wave mode is a bit boring because I feel overwhelmed with so many enemies coming at me, so I know I have to kick them to keep building more ammo, but kicking them takes so long and I end up getting hurt easily. Having a weapon count as life that you can pick up if dropped when hurt is a good idea.

The kick should just be the space bar while you're in the air. There doesn't seem to be any use for space bar while in air so removing "e" as kick should be much easier to control. I recommend a wave system that goes: Wave 1: One enemy. Wave 2: A few enemies. Wave 3: 5 enemies. Wave 4: few enemies. Wave 5: more enemies. Repeat Waves 4 and 5 with slight increase on both each time.

This creates that tug of war of kicking enemies one wave, and shooting them when there are a lot in the next wave, that the rules seem to cater to but is lacking in the demo. Also, waves should either last a bit longer or only start once the enemies of the current wave are dead so that it is more fair. Currently, they pile up a bit too quickly. And it should take maybe 2 kicks to kill a bat. It was hard to tell if that is the case currently but just putting it out there.

Either way, I'm loving the visuals, music, vibe and gameplay concept so far! Would love to see this fleshed out more!


Gotcha! You could give it a try again, i've updated the game recently, although it's still just endless waves of the same monster, there is more feedback and a new gun. The enemies don't gain HP anymore, just speed.

Nice, will try it out!

It says Not avaiable on windows, why?

Weird, where does it say that? The windows build downloads fine for me at the bottom.

its fixed now

it says install this time

Web build currently unavailable due to unity breaking.

Deleted 5 years ago

Yeah, i will have more weapons and monsters, i'm just busy building the core systems.

MAC builds are also available from now on.