Scroll down to download the standalone builds; This is strongly recommended, as playing in browser could have really bad performance.

Controls: WASD, LMB (hold down to extend tongue), SPACE (jump, HOLD to pull in tongue while attached), RMB (throw held object)

Press T to restart, and M to wipe savedata.


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Development log


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This is a really great idea marred by terribly slippery player movement. There is a fair amount of platforming in this cool demo but it's painful to do it when all the platforms (or your feet) are practically made of ice.

For now, my record is 46.7. I was surprisingly kept by the game, nice work.


I loved it, it's fun to tongue around. My only issue was how far the checkpoints were, and the fact that the ball had a hard time staying on the switches sometimes.

Can't wait to play the COMPLETED version 

The swinging and puzzles are fun but the way the tongue ball inherits the players momentum is really weird because you have to lead your shots against static targets while moving.
Made it pretty hard to reliably hit small obstacles but if it's an intentional level of difficulty then I guess it's working as intended.

The throw ball sticking looks like it could be used to make some real tricky levels so I'm interested to see where this goes. 

  • The tongue should really follow head movements, not being able to swing it is weird and awkward. If you want to have it static like this, you need to speed it up so it makes sense why it doesn't happen.
  • Thrown object don't have an oomph, speed that up.
  • Puzzle difficulty is very abrupt, I don't mind this but the player never had to chain swings together and you instantly punish them for not being able to do so, either place a checkpoint before each challenge, or have one where they don't have to restart the whole thing if they screw up chaining things. Being able to swing your tongue around after you sent it out would also help a lot if someone misguides it.
  • Sticky things are unreliable but you probably noticed that too.

Solid game but I wouldn't abandon breakweapons for this.