2018 Jan1 Demoday Changelog

Another demoday, another demo!


-Reworked the artsyle/shaders

  • Gave up on trying to hue-shift shade environments
  • Gave up on trying to make flat-shaded 3D assets.
  • New texturing style that focuses on low-fi pixelart aesthetics

-Added the beginnings of quest-based objectives (ie get key, open door)
-Reworked some animations and stats

  • It should be harder to run out of stamina with defending, dodging, attacking, but special abilities still drain a lot
  • Made defending more lenient on the animation side
  • Changed input queue; you can queue attacks (such as combos) with a click, rather than having to hold buttons now. (current time window is 0.3s)

-Worked on sounds and juice

  • Various SFX rework (dodge)
  • new Enemy sfx
  • New effects for countering enemies
  • Screenshake system
    • Player getting hit produces screenshakes
    • Heavy enemy attacks produce screenshakes
    • Dynamic screenshake effects for massive objects hitting things while going fast
  • footstep sounds for all entities

-Added 2 new enemies

  • Bandit
    • Stabby boi who is quick on his feet

    • ì̵̛̯̕t̷̹̘͉̑ ̶̲̋̌͝s̸͇̯̔̉͜͜ë̶̬̩́̎̈́͘ṉ̵̻͔̇̅s̴̗̼̍e̸͙̻͓͓̿s̸̼̝̅ ̶̛̟̠̞̒y̵͖͋̽o̵͚̝̭͆͒̾u̶̡̞̫͓̾̐̓ ̸͔̙͈̽̈́͠n̸̯͆̾̑̾ẻ̶̼͓͈̿͝a̷̜̺̰̍̔͑r̶̞̓̅̚

-Doubled the level size

  • Aqueducts
  • Cliffside (20% WIP)
  • Bandit camp (60% WIP)

-Added HP pickup system

  • Most slain enemies drop HP pickups now.
  • This system is designed so that if you cheese enemies by knocking them into the void, you won't get any hp back.

-Added drop shadows to enemies

-Implemented piercing attacks both for enemies and players.

-Fire FX and Toggle-able torches


BreakWeapons_Win_Jan8_v1_mac.app.zip 20 MB
Jan 08, 2018
BreakWeapons_Win_Jan8_v1.zip 16 MB
Jan 08, 2018
BreakWeapons_Win_Jan8_v1_linux.zip 21 MB
Jan 08, 2018

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