jan14 patch

-added loot containers (crates)
-tuned AI
-tuned stats
-added savegames

  • The tentacle now spawns on the bridge the very first time you encounter it, this was implemented to make it more apparent that you can damage it.
  • Once you defeat the tentacle, the bricks that block the path won't be there on subsequent playthroughs.
  • Once you open the gate, it'll remain open

-added fire that damages players and enemies
-added feedback to hitting enemy bandit while it's defending (you get knocked back)(you can interrupt blocks with shield bash)
-bugfixed AI patrol
-added some cozy music (triggered by clearing the bandit camp)
-reimplemented main shader to have texture-space based dither
-fleshed out the level a bit more (grass/physics props)
-reimplemented player air and ground physics (less air control, generally harder to break the game)
-worked more on tentacle AI (the throw is triggered over a larger area by a different logic now, but it doesn't trigger if you're in melee range)


BreakWeapons_Win_Jan14_v2_MAC.app.zip 26 MB
Jan 14, 2018
BreakWeapons_Win_Jan14_v2_LINUX.zip 27 MB
Jan 14, 2018
BreakWeapons_Win_Jan14_v2_WEB.zip Play in browser
Jan 14, 2018
BreakWeapons_Win_Jan14_v2_WIN.zip 23 MB
Jan 14, 2018

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